API Server Certificate

For technical reasons, RoboServer must have a server certificate that it can present to API clients when they connect to it using SSL. During installation, a default self-signed certificate is installed. This certificate is no good for identification purposes since it is the same for all RoboServers, and should be replaced if the API clients need to verify the identity of the RoboServer.

If you want to use a certificate issued by a signing authority like VeriSign, you can import it by clicking the "Change" button in the Certificates tab of RoboServer Settings. This will open a file selection dialog and once the certificate is located, you will be prompted for the password. If the password is correct the certificate will be imported, and you should see the certificate's Issued To, Issued By, and Expires properties.

You can generate a new self-signed certificate for RoboServer by using the following Java keytool command:

keytool -genkey -keystore server.p12 -alias server -keyalg RSA -storetype "PKCS12"

You will be prompted for the following information: Name (domain), name of Organizational Unit, Organization, City, State, Country and password. Do not forget the password, there is no way to retrieve it if lost. The certificate will be saved in the keystore file server.p12, which you can then import as described.