Changing the RAM Allocation

As installed, each Kapow Katalyst application is configured with a maximum amount of RAM that it may use. This amount usually is plenty for ordinary work, but if you run many robots in parallel on RoboServer, or if some robots use much RAM, it may be necessary to increase the allocation.

You can change the allocation for any of the applications by editing its .conf file, found in the bin subfolder of the installation. For RoboServer, the file to edit is named:


You need add a line with:

For example, in order to permit RoboServer to use up to 4GB of RAM, add this line:

(Note that an allocation this high is possible only on the 64-bit version of Kapow Katalyst).

Also note that the .conf file can be edited only by the user who installed Kapow Katalyst (e.g., typically the administrator on Windows).

If necessary, the maximum RAM allocation for other Kapow Katalyst applications can be changed in the same way.