Configuring Audit Logging

To automatically have every HTTP and FTP request made by RoboServer logged, check the "Log HTTP/FTP Traffic" option. This will log HTTP and FTP requests using the Log4J logger specified by log4j.logger.kapow.auditlog. Log4J is configured by the file in the Configuration folder in the application data folder.

The audit log will log all requests to both web pages and all of its resources. Here's an excerpt from the log produced by loading the front page of Google:

02-29 13:51:21  INFO kapow.auditlog - google 301 0
02-29 13:51:21  INFO kapow.auditlog - google 200 81688
02-29 13:51:22  INFO kapow.auditlog - google 200 328960
02-29 13:51:22  INFO kapow.auditlog - google 200 43796
02-29 13:51:23  INFO kapow.auditlog - google 200 31642

The log contains the following information: