By using the .NET API, any .NET based application (.NET 4.0 required) can become a client to RoboServer. In addition to running robots that store data in a database, you can also have the robots return data directly back to the client application. Here are some examples:

The basic section of this guide will introduce the core classes, and how to use them for executing robots. We will also describe how to provide input to robots and control their execution on RoboServer.

The .NET API is a .dll file, and it is located in /API/robosuite-dotnet-api/lib/robosuite-dotnet-api.dll inside the Kapow Katalyst installation folder, see important folders for details. All examples in this guide can also be found in /API/robosuite-dotnet-api/examples. Located next to the .NET API is log4net.dll which is a required 3rd-party library.