.NET Programmer's Guide

This guide describes how to execute Robots using the Kapow Katalyst .NET API. The guide assumes that you have completed the Design Studio tutorials and know how to write simple Robots, and that you are familiar with the C# programming language.

The programmer's guide has been completely rewritten for version 9.1, as large portions of the API has been deprecated, and a new execution API has been created. The API is still backwards compatible, but you should familiarize yourself with the new API and consider rewriting existing application to use the new API, as the deprecated classes will be removed in future releases.

The old RobotExecuter has been deprecated because of the following reasons

You can still find the old .NET programmer's guide, at http://help.kapowtech.com/8.2/topic/doc/dotnet/Top.html

Details about specific classes can be found in the compiled help, robosuite-dotnet-api.chm located in \API\robosuite-dotnet-api\docs inside the Kapow Katalyst installation folder.