RequestExecutor Features

When the RequestExecutor is not connected to a repository, you can dynamically add remove RoboServers, by calling AddRoboServer(..) and RemoveRoboServer(..). These methods modifies the distribution list used inside the RequestExecutor.

RequestExecutor.TotalAvailableSlots property contains the number of unused execution slots across all RoboServers in the internal distribution list.

By using these methods you can dynamically add RoboServers to your RequestExecutor once the number of available execution slots becomes low.

When you create the RequestExecutor you may optionally provide an IRqlEngineFactory. The IRqlEngineFactory allows you to customize which RQLProtocol is used when connecting to a RoboServer. This is only needed under very rare circumstances, for instance if you want use a client certificate to increase security, check API Client Certificates for details.