Design Studio

If Design Studio is not already started, do as follows:


Use the "Design Studio" item in the Start menu.


Start Design Studio from the command line by launching the DesignStudio program in the bin directory under the installation (see Important Folders in Kapow Katalyst) as follows:


(You can also do this on Windows if you leave out the ./ part.)

Next, Design Studio needs a license and will therefore show a dialog that looks as follows:

You have three choices, depending on what information you have been provided from Kapow and/or your system administrator:

License Server

If your administrator has provided you with the URL to a central license server (Management Console) that administers the license for all Design Studio users, select License Server and simply enter the URL and credentials for that server. The license server must be running and have available Design Studio seats in order for you to use Design Studio.

Developer License

The developer license is a combined license key for both Management Console and Design Studio. You can either enter the license key in your local Management Console, or use the dialog in Design Studio. Whenever you start Design Studio, the Management Console will automatically start as well.

Trial License

The trial license works in the same way as the developer license, but is intended for short-time use for trial/demonstration purposes.

For a detailed example on how to enter license keys in Design Studio, see the video below:

Normally, Design Studio will display the dialog only the first time it is started. It will, however, display the dialog again if the license server cannot be contacted, e.g. because it has been moved or is not running.