Important Folders in Kapow Katalyst

There are a few folders and files in the installation that you need to know about.

Installation Folder

The installation folder is the folder where Kapow Katalyst is installed. On Windows, the installation folder defaults to:

C:\Program Files\Kapow Katalyst 9.4.9

On Linux it will be a directory named KapowKatalyst_9.4.9 in the directory where you extracted the archive.

The installation folder contains the following important folders:


contains all executable programs for Kapow Katalyst.


contains files and documentation related to the Kapow Katalyst Integration APIs.


contains the Kapow Katalyst plugins.


contains the installed JDBC database drivers. These are drivers that will always be available in Kapow Katalyst applications. Normally, you should manage JDBC drivers as described here, though.

Project Folder

The project folder contains your Library of robots and types, as described in the Design Studio User’s Guide. The location of the project folder can be configured with the Settings application as described in Configuring Kapow Katalyst. On Windows, the default location is like one of the following, depending on your Windows version:

C:\Documents and Settings\username\My Documents\My Robots\9.4.9

C:\Users\username\Documents\My Robots\9.4.9

On Linux the default location of the project folder is:


The project folder must contain a single folder named Library.

Application Data Folder

The application data folder contains files that are private to the Kapow Katalyst but which differ for different users of the same computer. On Windows, the application data folder is (depending on your Windows version):

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\KapowKatalyst\9.4.9


On Linux the application data folder is:


To change the location of the application data folder you can edit the common.conf file in the bin folder of the installation folder. You should add these two lines:"Folder containing Configuration folder"

Make sure that the user running Kapow Katalyst has read and write access to the folder.

Under normal circumstances, you should never modify or delete files or folders within this folder directly; the GUI tools should be used instead. The application data folder contains the following important folders:


contains the HTTPS certificates known by Kapow Katalyst. See the Certificates section for more information.


contains configuration files, which are maintained as described in the section Configuring Kapow Katalyst.


contains the embedded Derby database used by the Management Console (except when installed as a web application in a Tomcat web server).


contains the Development Database which is used in the Management Console Beginner Tutorial, and which you can also use in "toy projects" during your introduction to Kapow Katalyst.


contains log files.