Management Console (License Server)

Before you can enter license information into Management Console, you need to start it.


Use the "Start Management Console" item in the Start menu.


Start Management Console from the command line. It is part of the RoboServer program, which is found in the bin directory under the installation (see Important Folders in Kapow Katalyst). It can be started with:

$./RoboServer -p 50000 -MC

(You can also do this on Windows if you leave out the ./ part.)


As an alternative, if you would want later to set up auto-start of the Management Console as described in Starting Servers Automatically, you may select to do that already now instead of starting Management Console by hand.

Once the Management Console has been started (no matter how you do it), you must open its GUI in a browser. On Windows, you can do that with the aid of the "Management Console" item in the Start menu. On all platforms, you can open a browser and go to http://localhost:50080/. Accept the license terms and enter your license information including your license keys.