Installing on Linux


You may install as an unprivileged user on Linux.

You will have received instructions on how to download the appropriate file. Download and save the installation .tar.gz file to your hard disk. This file is named KapowKatalyst_9.4.9.tar.gz for the Linux 32-bit version and KapowKatalyst_9.4.9_x64.tar.gz for the Linux 64-bit version. The following instructions refer to the Linux 32-bit version, but the others are the same except for the filename.

When the download is completed, the installation is done by extracting the contents of the file. In most Linux distributions, this can be done by right-clicking the file and choosing the appropriate extraction option. The file can also be extracted from the command line as follows:

$tar xzf KapowKatalyst_9.4.9.tar.gz

Alternatively, to extract the file to a specific directory, the following command can be used:

$tar xzf KapowKatalyst_9.4.9.tar.gz -C /destination_directory

When the file has been extracted, proceed to enter license information as described in Entering License Information.