Starting Servers Automatically

If your installation includes any server functionality, you probably will want to configure it to start the necessary servers automatically. One case where this is not relevant is if you only need to run Design Studio while being connected to a Management Console that e.g. your IT department has set up.

When referring to "server functionality", we mean RoboServers and the Management Console (license server). In fact these two functionalities are provided by the same server program, RoboServer, depending on the arguments given to it when it is started.

The section Starting RoboServer contains a detailed description of the command-line arguments to the RoboServer program and we will not repeat them here. Suffice to say that the -service argument is what enables the RoboServer program to execute robots. Similarly, the -MC argument is what enables the Management Console functionality (see also Starting the Management Console).

With this in mind, we will turn to the details on how to make RoboServer start automatically (whatever the arguments). This is quite different on Windows and Linux.