Load balancer configuration

We will not describe specifics of load balancer configuration. What may be useful to know is how to determine if the application started correctly.

If the ManagementConsole.xml (context configuration) or web.xml files are invalid, the application will not be deployed on Tomcat, and requests will normally return 404 (since you will hit the Tomcat's ROOT application which doesn't have anything deployed on /ManagementConsole/).

Any other errors encountered during application startup are shown to the user when the application loads. This way you don't always have to check the log to figure out why the application didn't load correctly. This is, however, a bit impractical as the application will return 200 OK even if there were errors during startup. Also, if authentication is enabled, you will have to login before you can see the error messages.

To make it easier for load balancers to see if the application started correctly, you can make a request to the URL /ManagementConsole/Ping. This will either return HTTP status code 200 if the application loaded correctly, or 500 with a stack trace of the error.