Management Console in Tomcat

By default, Management Console is run as an embedded component inside RoboServer, which makes for easy installation. As an alternative, it can be deployed as a regular web application on a standalone Tomcat 5.5, 6 or 7 web server. The following table lists the differences in feature set.



Standalone J2SE Web Container


Single user defined in Settings.

Users and Roles managed by Management Console Administrator.

Users and Roles managed by Management Console Administrator.

Role based security through Active Directory or other LDAP provider.

Single Sign-On using SiteMinder.

Management Console data store

Embedded Derby database

Container managed Data Source (supported platforms)

Management Console features and configuration

Instructions on configuring an embedded Management Console can be found in the RoboServer Configuration section. An embedded Management Console is started as described in Starting the Management Console.

Detailed instructions on deploying Management Console in a Tomcat web container are found on the following pages.