API Debugging

Although this is rarely needed, the API can provide additional information for debugging purposes. To enable API debugging you need to configure the system property DEBUG_ON. The value of this property must be a package/class name the API.

For instance, if you are interested in the data transmissions between the API and RoboServer, you could ask for debugging information for package com.kapowtech.robosuite.api.java.rql.io. While you are developing you can do this by directly setting the system property in code, like this:

System.setProperty("DEBUG_ON", "com.kapowtech.robosuite.api.java.rql.io");
RoboServer server = new RoboServer("localhost", 50000);
Cluster cluster = new Cluster("MyCluster", new RoboServer[]{ server}, false);

Enabling Debug

If you are debugging an application in production, you would define the system property via the command line, like this

java -DDEBUG_ON=com.kapowtech.robosuite.api.java.rql.io Tutorial1

Enabling Debug

If you are interested in debug from multiple packages, you separate the package names by , (comma). Instead of a package name, you can provide the argument ALL, to have debug from all packages printed.