Customizing the Branding

You can customize the branding of KappZone and My KappZone to comply with your corporate color scheme, as well as to replace the Kapow logo with your own.

To rebrand KappZone and My KappZone, go to the Branding tab in the Kapplets section of the Management Console. Initially, the default (Kapow) branding will be used. Note how a preview of the selected logo and color is shown on the right.

To change the branding, first select "Custom branding". Then specify the color code that will be used as background for the top bar in the My KappZone section. If you have selected a dark color - such as the purple used in the default branding - you should pick "light" as the contrast color, which will be used for the "My KappZone" text as well as some icons that will be placed on top of your selected background color. If you have selected a light background color, a dark contrast is recommended.

The logo - which will replace the Kapow logo at the top of My KappZone and KappZone, as well as in a smaller version in some subpages can either be uploaded by dragging it to the gray drop zone or clicking the drop zone if you are using a browser that does not support drag and drop.