Building and Maintaining Kapplets

In the Management Console Kapplets figure as separate entities that can be managed from the tab called 'Kapplets'.



This part of the Management Console exposes three sub-sections:

  1. The KappZone exposes all Kapplets that you are currently allowed to use. From here you can install Kapplets to be available in My KappZone. This sub-section is fully described in Invoking Kapplets and will not be further described here.



  2. The Kapplet Repository exposes a list of currently defined Kapplets . Here you can view, add, delete, and edit Kapplet definitions. This sub-section will be further described below in Section Creating, Deleting, and Editing Kapplets .



  3. The Branding tab gives the Kapplet Administrator access to an interface that can be used to customize the basic appearance of Kapplets . This interface is fully described in Customizing the Branding and will not be further described here.



It is important to know that not all Management Console users can use, not to mention administrate, Kapplets. In order to assign such rights to a particular user you have to go to the Permissions tab of a project. Here you can configure which user groups should be Kapplet Administrators and Kapplet Users for this particular project. The security options of the Standard edition are coarser and all users have permission to view and edit Kapplets.