Installing and Using Kapplets

For Kapplet Users that are now Kapplet Administrators, Kapow Kapplets will typically be accessed directly from the web browser by adding kappzone to the Management Console URL. For instance, if the Management Console is deployed at http://localhost:50080/, Kapplets can be accessed directly at http://localhost:50080/kappzone.

Available Kapplets, note that un-Installed Kapplets allow the user to install while Installed Kapplets allow the user to open (run).

Users have access to Kapplets in the KappZone tab. When the user installs a Kapplet an instance of the Kapplet is made available in the users My KappZone. Any given Kapplet can only be installed once by a particular Kapplet User. An Installed Kapplet can be run both from My KappZone (click it) and KappZone (click 'open').

Users can bookmark Installed Kapplets from My KappZone in their browser, and they can "star" Installed Kapplets to add them to their display of favorites. In this way the user can navigate smoothly to the most often used Kapplets.

To bookmark a Kapplet the Kapplet User has to identify the Kapplet URL.It is shown in the browser and they can simply bookmark the current page.


Installed Kapplets see how the "test" Kapplet has been starred as a favorite by the user.


After opening the KappZone the Kapplet User can click Favorites to show the Kapplet User's favorite Installed Kapplets.


Favorite Kapplets see how only the "starred" Kapplets are shown.