Email Notifications from Kapplets

For long-running Kapplets, the Kapplet User might not want to sit around waiting for the result page to populate. The Kapplet User may then enter an e-mail address when starting a Kapplet Run and will receive an e-mail when the result is ready. In order to enter the email address notifications must be enabled by toggling the 'Send results by email' option. Note, that this toggle is only present if an (SMTP server is configured in the Management Console) and a 'from' address is configured for Kapplets. Below is shown an Installed Kapplet where the SMTP server is configured and the Kapplet User's email address has been entered.



When the Kapplet User clicks the Start button the Kapplet will run as usual and an email will be sent to the user when the Start Action has finished.