Scheduling Kapplets

Some Kapplets should run with a predefined interval like every day at noon or every Friday at 4.50 pm. To schedule a Kapplet the Kapplet User must toggle the 'Schedule run' option and fill out the appropriate schedule information as shown in the example below. Note, that the time specification will be interpreted as is in the time zone of the server running the Management Console. Also notice that the Start button changes to a Schedule button when the 'Schedule run' option is toggled.


Once the Kapplet is scheduled it will be run periodically as specified by the Kapplet User. The schedules configured, if any, for an Installed Kapplet can be listed in the left-hand side of the screen by clicking the 'Show existing schedules' link. An example of this list is shown below.



When the Kapplet User lists the Installed Kapplets the schedule is shown on the Kapplet.



The user deletes a schedule by clicking the delete icon for the schedule in the left-hand schedule list.



Notice that scheduling and email notification can be combined for Kapplets.