Using the Kapplet Studio



For newly created Kapplets the Kapplet Studio shows the Identity Section when opened. This page allows general information about the Kapplet, e.g. name, comment, and icon, to be entered or changed as shown above. Note, that if an existing Kapplet is opened for editing the Identity Section is only shown if no robots have been added to the Kapplet. Otherwise the Kapplet Studio will open in the Pages Section, where the functionality of the Kapplet is configured. The Pages Section can also be opened by clicking the 'Pages' header at the top of the Kapplet Studio.


Changes must be saved by clicking the 'Apply Changes' button at the top of the Kapplet Studio before section changes, otherwise the changes will be lost.

When the Pages Section is selected, the Kapplet Administrator is confronted with a page similar to the example above. On the left hand side the present collection of Kapplet Page Definitions is enumerated in the form of clickable titled page icons. Each of these icons denotes a functional page/part of the Kapplet under construction. Some pages are mandatory for all functional Kapplets while others depend on the actual functionality. The two mandatory pages are the Start Page and the Result History Page that govern how input is collected for the Start Action and how the result history is shown, respectively. The remaining pages govern how the results produced by the Start Action is presented and interacted with.