Kapow Kapplets User's Guide

Kapow Kapplets expose a friendly user interface to robots. A Kapplet Administrator can make execution of one or more robots available to users who need not know anything about robots as they will interact with the robots through the provided Kapplet. A Kapplet can be customized to match the terminology of the end-users; an icon and a description can also be attached.

A Kapplet is build and maintained by a Kapplet Administrator in the Kapplet Studio. When the Kapplet is ready for use it is made available for all Kapplet Users through the KappZone where the users can install the Kapplets into their individual My KappZone. Kapplet Users keep their own list of Installed Kapplets in My KappZone or bookmark Kapplets in their browser.



Kapplets build on the user/role management of the Management Console. With the Management Console deployed in a stand-alone application server, Kapplet Administrators can manage which users have access to Kapplet-exposed robots in which projects using LDAP.