Connecting to Kofax Insight Dashboards

Kofax Insight gives organizations the ability to rapidly assemble, analyze and visualize immense amounts of complex data to improve decision making, operational effectiveness and profitability. Kapow Kapplets provide means to connect to Kofax Insight Dashboards using single sign-on mechanism. Use the following steps to create a dashboard kapplet.

  1. In Kapow Management Console go to Admin>Settings>Kofax Insight Dashboards. Select Allow Dashboards and specify a Server URL of the server hosting an Insight dashboard.

  2. If you want to configure single sign-on parameters, go to Admin>Settings>Single Sign-On and specify necessary parameters to connect to the database used by the Kofax Insight.

  3. In Kapow Management Console go to Kapplets and open the KappZone (or restart your KappZone if it was open.)

  4. Point to the Main menu and click New Dashboard. You should see the Add New Dashboard dialog box.

    Specify parameters to connect to Kofax Insight and click Create Dashboard.


    If nothing is specified, the Kofax Insight will use its default parameters or the default parameters for the user if single sign-on is enabled.