Adding a Commit Action

Once a Result Page is set up to show a tabular view of a dataset produced by the Start Action, the so-called Commit Action can be added to the kapplet by clicking the 'Add Robots' button in the table of the Result Page outline. In the example below, which is also shown in Configuring the Result Pages, the icon can be seen in the bottom table outline.

When you click the Add Robots icon, the Add New Commit Action screen is open like the one in the example below. The screen allows you to select a robot to facilitate a 'commit' of selected table rows into, a database, a web-service, or an actual website. The robot must take as input data of the same type as presented in the selection table and must return the result of the commit in the form of a single object of a type different from the input type.

Returned types will change the actual selection table, such that the returned information can be shown together with the original information once the Commit Action has finished.

Once the Commit Action has been added, the Kapplet is (again) correctly configured and can now be used to collect, select, and commit data. Note, that the Kapplet Administrator must publish the Kapplet using the appropriate toggle in the top of the screen in order to make the Kapplet available to Kapplet Users in general.