Configuring the Start Page



When the Pages Section is opened the Start Page will be the one in focus. The actual contents of this page depends on the robots associated to the Start Action. When no robots have been associated, the page is empty as shown above. A robot can be added simply by clicking the 'Add Robots' area.



The 'Add Start Action' page helps you to select a robot for the action. To add a robot, open the selection page by clicking the 'Add New Robot' icon. The selection page lists your available robots as in the figure below. To select a robot click a robot icon and then click the 'Select Robot' button.



Once robots have been added, the 'Add Start Action' page will list the attributes of the input variables defined by the added robots. For each attribute the Kapplet Administrator can then decide whether a fixed value should be associated (and the field then hidden from the user) or it should give rise to an input field. An example is shown below, where the added 'test' robot expect a single variable 'input' with two attributes - one of which is user input and the other is fixed.



By clicking 'OK' the Kapplet Administrator returns to the Pages Section where the Start Page now shows an outline of the page that will be presented to Kapplet Users when they run the Kapplet as illustrated below. If desired the Kapplet Administrator can change the user experience by interacting with the outline. The page title, the order and labels of fields, and the label of the start button can all be changed.



The Pages Section also lists output types (if any) on the left hand side.

Before discussing the newly added output pages in Kapplet Result Pages we will discuss the special result history page in Kapplet Result History Page.