License Keys

Before you can begin using your Kapow Katalyst installation, you must enter your license key(s) into Management Console as described in Management Console (License Server). You will have received these keys from Kapow.

There are three different kinds of license key:

Production key

Permits production use of the Kapow Katalyst system.

Non-Production key

Permits use of the Kapow Katalyst system for non-production use like test and staging.

Developer Seat key

A special kind of non-production key that will allow you to run all the Kapow Katalyst programs on your own computer as part of the same installation. There are, however, some performance limitations, as this it intended to be used only for development or as a trial installation.

A license key (no matter which kind) also describes which Kapow Katalyst features you have, and how many KCUs you have bought. A Developer Seat key always contains 1 KCU, while the two other kinds may contain more.

If you have both a Production key and a Non-Production key, you may install them into the same Kapow Katalyst system (that is, in the same Management Console). You may also choose to set up one system for each key. In both cases, you will need to set up at least two different clusters (either on the single system or one cluster on each of the two systems), configured as Production and Non-Production, respectively. The KCUs in your licenses can then be assigned to these clusters.

In no case should a key be entered into more than one Management Console.