Product Privacy Policy


In Brief

Our goal is to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and professionalism in all we do; a key component of this goal is to display respect for our customers' privacy. This statement details our policies and practices relating to the use of any personally identifying information we collect from our customers. We collect only the personally identifiable information from our customers appropriate for a professional business relationship and to enable us effectively manage software usage and customer relationships. We do not collect personally identifiable information without our customers' knowledge, and we do not sell, rent, or in any way redistribute personal information for purposes of solicitation to anyone outside of Kapow's organization or our direct business partners.

In Detail

What information we collect

Using a "call home" feature built into RoboServer and Management Console, we collect and track the following information upon software startup and on a daily basis from our customers: company name, email address, application name, its version and edition numbers, IP address, license key, number of steps executed, number of HTTP Request, number of bytes loaded, number of robots executed, number of returned values, number of stored values, number of HBase puts, number of domains accessed (but not their names), usage of legacy environments, number of schedules, Kapplets, robots, projects, clusters, RoboServers, OAuth Users, OAuth Applications in the Management Console, number of schedule runs and Kapplet run in Management Console, number of CPUs that RoboServer is running on and the operating system for the server. This is information our customers voluntarily provide to us upon execution of a sales order and/or software license agreement, and that is required for us to manage their software usage and maintain an enterprise solutions business relationship with their organizations.

In addition we collect a number software usage parameters and statistics to get information helping us to improve and develop the software. These consist counters and indicators of usage of certain features of the product. This helps us to determine the importance of such features and, in case of legacy features, if these can be discontinued and removed from the product.

What we do with that information

We use the information to build statistics and help us monitor/manage our customers' usage of their software and compliance with their contractual obligations to Kapow. The collected statistics will also be used as a basis to understand customer use patterns and to continuously improve our products.

Sharing of your personal information

We respect our customers' privacy and therefore we do not sell, rent or in any other way share your personal or company-specific information with unaffiliated outside parties (publications, list brokers, etc.). The information provided to us may be shared with various departments across our organization as required for communication or compliance management purposes; with our closely affiliated business partners (i.e. third parties authorized to sell and support our software) for similar use; or with designated persons as required to comply with a court order. We may from time to time share aggregated demographic data (for example, "20% of our customers are manufacturers of machinery or capital equipment") about our customer base with outside parties, and we may share personally identifiable information with certain outside parties such as industry publications or analysts for specific purposes and with your permission (for example, arranging for an editor to contact you about writing an article on your company's use of our enterprise solutions). We may occasionally identify customer company names and use selected quotes, with attribution, in materials such as company presentations.

Protection from intrusion and theft

We necessarily collect some personal and company-specific information from our customers, and other interested parties who voluntarily provide us with such information. We appreciate the trust that our customers place in us to safeguard this data. While no one can absolutely guarantee that the information that they collect, online or offline, will not be compromised due to electronic intrusion or theft, our company works to protect customer data by:

  • following security best practices;

  • utilizing intrusion detection and prevention tools (such as firewalls);

  • monitoring industry security alerts; and

  • applying vendor security patches to our operating systems and applications.

Restricting access to information

You are not restricted from implementing a firewall to block Kapow's retrieval of information. If the information we attempt to collect is blocked by a firewall and, thus, not received by Kapow’s system, there will be no negative impact or degradation of performance of that customer’s RoboServer software.

Changes to this policy

We may from time to time amend this Privacy Policy, without notice, to you. Therefore, you should review this policy periodically to assure that you are aware of what personal information we collect and how we use it.

How to contact us

Please address any questions or comments on this Privacy Policy or related matters to Kapow Technologies, Inc., 260 Sheridan Avenue, Suite 420, Palo Alto, CA 94306.