Additional Features and Improvements

CSV Preview and Tabular Data View

The new CSV Preview makes it easy to import and extract CSV data in robots. It provides a visual configuration of the CSV extraction, with separator characters and other formatting. This replaces the Extract CSV step, with a visual and easy to use method to extract CSV data directly from a tabular data view.

Monitoring of Running Robots

With 9.4 the ControlCenter application is retired and replaced by similar functionality in the Management Console Clusters tab. This allows a direct view of the operational parameters of running robots and their current status.


Profiling provides detailed run-time information on robot execution at the step-level. It is typically used to analyze and troubleshoot system performance, such as KCU consumption and remote server wait times.

From version 9.4 profiling can be enabled and disabled on the fly. In previous versions the RoboServer had to be restarted for the change to the profiling setting to take effect.

Call robots as SOAP

All robots in the Repository on the Management Console can now be exposed as SOAP services as well as REST services. Each project, with services enabled, will have a dynamic WSDL-file with the robots and robot signatures as SOAP services.

Headless configuration of RoboServers

We have added three executables to handle passwords in configuration files. Passwords can no longer be stored in clear text in the configuration files, so they have to be entered either via the RoboServer Settings application or using the following command line executables:

  • ConfigureRS: Sets the JMX password in the RoboServer settings file (roboserver.settings).

  • ConfigureMC: Sets Management Console administrator and certificate passwords in the mc.settings file.

  • ConfigureRSUser: Adds and removes users and updates user credentials in the rsusers.xml file. Information in this file is used to authenticate API requests.