Kofax Insight Dashboard Single Sign-On Link

Kapow delivers information from many sources to the Kofax Business Intelligence and Analytics Insight Dashboard, enabling business users to quickly visualize their information, driving greater process efficiency and improved decision making. Using Kapow Kapplets, business users can quickly access Insight dashboards with a single click of a button.

The new Dashboard link in KappZone™ enables creation of a Kapplet that opens the Kofax Insight Dashboard in a new browser tab. The combination of Kapow and Kofax Insight enables customers to rapidly deliver advanced visualizations of the data collected with robots directly to end users in easy to use Dashboards provided by Kofax Insight. With single sign-on enabled, access to individual dashboards can be controlled with the Kapow User Management and/or standard Active Directory/LDAP.

Availability of this feature requires the purchase of both Kapow Katalyst 9.4 and Kofax Insight.

Kapplet OAuth Support

A Kapplet can now be authenticated with Kapplet users' specific credentials when using robots to access OAuth enabled REST services such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Dropbox, etc.

The authentication is individual to the user and protected by the built-in User Management. The user has full control of the authentication and can see and revoke granted access under Settings.