Kapow Katalyst

Create and Update Excel Documents within a Robot

Develop integration flows that create and modify Microsoft Excel documents, aggregate data to analyze patterns and discover insights, deliver real-time reporting, and exchange data between business applications, groups and partners. Traditionally, a lot of manual work goes into creating and updating Excel documents with the most recent and accurate data, often that involves copying and pasting from a multitude of data sources to get consolidated up-to-date information.

With 9.4 it is now possible to create and update Excel spreadsheets within robots. We have added a number of new steps specifically to insert and modify data in spreadsheets. This makes it easy to automate updating of Excel spreadsheets with data from the web or other sources directly in the robot.

Web Page Screenshot

Automatically capture a screenshot of a web page at any given point in time, and deliver to a content repository, database, or as an email attachment. Using this new capability, organizations can take the captured web page, and incorporate into compliance and regulatory review processes that require frequent monitoring of corporate and third party partner sites.

This is the capability to take a picture (png, jpg, bmp, tif) of a web page. It is a new Extract Screenshot step, which can extract an image of a full web page or, by using a tag-finder, any visible part of a web page.

This feature is available when using the Default Browser Engine.