Existing customers upgrading to 9.3

Kapow Katalyst version 9.3 is fully backward compatible with 9.2 and your current robots will run with the Classic Browser Engine as in 9.2, there is no need to migrate existing working robots to the new Default browser. We currently recommend building new robots using the Default browser, but in case the web site does not render in the Default browser, we recommend switching to Classic. This will particularly be the case for legacy web applications design for compatibility with previous versions of Internet Explorer.

Please note that the Default browser is using Chrome as the browser to emulate, while the Classic browser emulates Internet Explorer. This can cause Classic and Default to render pages differently and return a different Document Object Model (DOM), so when migrating from a Classic to a Default robot, the tag-finders may be different and require modification.

Before upgrading a production environment to a new version, we always recommend testing the new version. We will be happy to provide non-Production license keys enabling you to perform the necessary testing. For more information about data migration from earlier versions see Data Migration Tutorial.