New Excel Capabilities in 9.2

Since the way Excel is handled in 9.2 fundamentally different from the way that Excel was handled in previous versions of Design Studio it is important to know that there is no simple way to upgrade robot from earlier version to 9.2 when these involves Excel. It may involve a considerable amount of rewriting. This is because in previous versions Excel was transformed into HTML during loading and subsequent extraction etc. was then done in the same as for HTML, but in 9.2 Excel is loaded into the new Spreadsheet Page View and dedicated steps are used for data extraction from this.

The 'Convert Excel to HTML' Legacy Option

Old robots still works since there is a legacy option called 'Convert Excel to HTML' that allows this and old robots have this option turned on by default. If you want upgrade a robot to use the new Excel capabilities you have to turn this option off. You do this under 'Robot Configuration' by clicking on the 'Configure Options' button and on the 'Legacy' tab of the Configure Option dialog you remove the check mark for the option. But changing this would, unless you don't do any extraction or looping that works on the Excel, break your robot. You will have to go through your robot and replace some of the step with the new dedicated Excel steps where ever the robot work on the data from the loaded Excel document. So unless you have compelling reasons for upgrading your old robots to use the new Excel capabilities you should probably not do it. This does not mean that you cannot upgrade your robot to use other 9.2 feature, just that you should leave the legacy option turned on.

Notice: the 'Convert Excel to HTML' option is always set in your old robot even if it did not involve any 'Extract from Excel' steps or Excel in any other way. It is important to remember this in case you load an old robot into 9.2 and use this as your starting point for building a new robot, because if you do not turn off the 'Convert Excel to HTML' option then you will not be able to take advantage of the new Excel capabilities.

The Extract from Excel Step Action is Deprecated

The 'Extract from Excel' step action has been deprecated and cannot be used in new robots instead you should use a 'Create Page' step action for this. How to do this is described in How to Load an Excel Page from a Variable.