Notes for Users of Earlier Versions

In the interests of stability, different versions of Kapow Katalyst may be installed side by side on the same computer without interfering with each other. This means that you can install a newer version and get acquainted with it while still doing your daily work with the older version. While doing so, you will probably want to open the older version's default robot project also in the Design Studio of the newer version. One thing to be aware of here is that if you save a robot with the newer version, you will not be able to open it using the older version of Design Studio. Thus it may be prudent instead to make a copy of the project and use the copy while you learn the new version of Design Studio.

Below we will list the most important differences between Kapow Katalyst versions that you should take into account when upgrading.

Version 9.3 of Kapow Katalyst is fully backward compatible with 9.2 and your current robots will run with the Classic Browser Engine as in 9.2. For more information see Existing customers upgrading to 9.3.

Version 9.2 of Kapow Katalyst introduces new capabilities for extracting data from Microsoft Excel™ files. You will find advice on how to use these instead of the old ones in the section on New Excel Capabilities in 9.2.

Version 9.1 of Kapow Katalyst no longer includes the RoboRunner application. You will find advice on how to use Management Console instead in the section on RoboRunner Discontinued in 9.1.

Version 8.2 of Kapow Katalyst introduced some minor changes that in rare cases may affect the execution of older robots. Details on these and other changes are found in the section on Changes in 8.2.

Version 8.1 of Kapow Katalyst replaced the concepts of "models" and "objects" with the concepts "types" and "variables". Details on this major change are found in the section on New Variables and Type System in 8.1.

Version 8.0 of Kapow Katalyst introduced new ways to display a robot's control flow and error handling. This affects all robots, even those built with previous versions, as discussed in New Control Flow and Error Handling in 8.0.

Version 7.2 of Kapow Katalyst introduced a new storage system that is much easier to use. Users upgrading from the previous versions can switch to the new storage system at their own pace; this is discussed in detail in New Storage System in 7.2.

Version 7.1 of Kapow Katalyst introduced a change in the location of certain files to comply with the installation rules of Microsoft Vista and Windows 7. Starting from this release, the files relevant to Kapow Katalyst are divided into 3 folders: The Installation Folder, the Project Folder and the Application Data Folder. You can read about these folders here. These changes mean that you no longer need to be a Windows power user (have write access to the "Program Files" folder) in order to run Design Studio.