Add To CSV

This data converter converts a variable to CSV format and adds it to the input text.

See the Write File action for help on how to use this data converter to create and write the contents of a complete CSV file.


The Add To CSV data converter is configured using the following properties:

Variable to Format:
Specify a variable, which will be formatted as CSV before being added at the end of the input text. The CSV will include all of the attributes of the variable, except those not marked as "storable".
Create Header:
If this is checked, a header row is created that matches the selected variable. The storage names (or by default the names) of the variable's attributes are used as column titles in this header. If this property is left unchecked, a data row is created containing the values of the variable's attributes.
Date Format Locale:
When creating a data row, the desired locale for dates needs to be specified just as for the Format Date data converter.
Date Format Pattern:
When creating a data row, the desired date format pattern needs to be specified just as for the Format Date data converter.
Field Separator:
The desired separator between individual fields in a row. This can be either a comma or a TAB character. When comma is selected, field values can optionally be put in quotes (" characters). In this case, quote characters in field values are doubled (so that " becomes ""). For quoted, comma-delimited values you can also specify whether the comma should be followed by a space or not.
Type in a description to be shown in the list of data converters. If there is no type in a description, one will be generated.