This data converter capitalizes the input text. This means that the first character in every word will be made upper case, while the remaining characters will be made lower case.


The Capitalize data converter can be configured using the following properties:

Words that Should not Be Capitalized:
Contains the words that should not be capitalized. The words are separated by commas. For example, if the words "in" and "the" should not be capitalized, set the property to "in, the".
Minimum Length of Words to Capitalize:
The minimum length of the words that should be capitalized. For example, if this property is set to 3, all words with fewer than 3 characters will not be capitalized.
Type in a description to be shown in the list of data converters. If there is no type in a description, one will be generated.


If the input text is:

'hello WORLD'

then the output text becomes:

'Hello World'