This data converter provides a possibility to extract a text piece from the input text in a simple way using a pattern. The piece to extract should be marked with a pair of parentheses (i.e. the extracted text piece is the first submatch in the pattern).

For more advanced extraction options, e.g. to extract more than one piece of text or to have manipulation options, use the Advanced Extract data converter instead.


The Extract data converter is configured using the following properties:

Contains a pattern that is matched against the input text. The part of the input text to extract should be marked with a pair of parentheses. Note that the pattern must match the entire input text. Otherwise, the converter will fail, producing an error.
Ignore Case:
If this option is selected, the pattern matching is case-insensitive, i.e. the pattern is matched against the input text without regard for character case.
Type in a description to be shown in the list of data converters. If there is no type in a description, one will be generated.


If the first word in the input text should be extracted, use the pattern

which extracts the first sequence of non-whitespace characters.