Extract List

The Extract List data converter filters texts according to a pattern, and returns a concatenated text of all matches.

Whereas the Advanced Extract data converter only matches the first instance of the pattern, this data converter will return each possible match in succession.

Note that the pattern must not necessarily match the entire input text, which is a requirement for the Advanced Extract data converter. In fact, most uses of this data converter will utilize patterns that start and end at well-defined points (i.e. the pattern will most likely not need to contain ".*" at the beginning and end of the pattern when performing a match for specific text embedded within a large input text).


The Extract List data converter can be configured using the following properties:

Enter a pattern that is matched against the input.
Ignore Case:
If this is checked, the matching against the pattern is done without regard for the character case, e.g. "KaPoW" is considered equivalent to "KAPOW" and "kapow".
Output Expression:
Enter an expression that specifies the output text.
Output Delimiter:
Enter an optional text to indicate the delimiter that should be used to separate successive pattern matches within the output text.
Type in a description to be shown in the list of data converters. If there is no type in a description, one will be generated.