Calculate Key

This step provides the possibility to calculate the key for a variable value. The value must be of a complex type, i.e. of a type that is specified in a .type file and not one of the built-in simple types such as Number.
At least one attribute in the type must be marked 'Part of Database Key'. Knowing the key of a value can be useful if it needs to be linked to another value (for instance as a secondary key in another table), or linked to data stored in a file.


Calculate Key can be configured using the following properties:

Select the variable for which to calculate the key.
Note to customers with legacy robots (older than version 7.2):The type of the variable must have a Standard type kind and not the specialized Database Output type kind which exists only for legacy purposes.
Key (output):
The variable in which the calculated key will be stored. The variable can be both a simple type variable and an attribute of a complex type variable.