Change Proxy

This action changes the proxy server used in subsequent steps. Hereby, it allows the robot to switch between multiple proxy servers during its execution or use a specified proxy.

To use this action with auto select, you must specify a list of proxy servers that the action should switch between. See Specifying a Proxy Server for information on how to do this.

At each execution of the Change Proxy action a new proxy server is selected from the list. The proxy servers are selected in the order that they appear on the list, with the first one being chosen randomly at the first execution of the Change Proxy action.


The Change Proxy action can be configured using the following properties:

Remove Cookies:
Specifies whether to remove all cookies when the proxy is changed. If the proxy is used to stay anonymous then cookies should be removed when changing proxy.
Auto Select:
If checked, the step will select the next (round robin) proxy from the properties file described in Specifying a Proxy Server. It will test that it is possible to connect to the proxy before selecting it. If Auto Select is not checked it will use the proxy specified manually in the properties explained below.
Host Name:
Specify the host name of the proxy.
Port Number:
Specify the port number of the proxy.
User Name:
Specify the user name to use for authenticating against the proxy.
Specify the password to use for authenticating against the proxy..
Excluded hosts:
Specify a list containing hosts that should be excluded from the proxy. Each host must be on a separate line.