This action emulates a mouse click on the found tag.

This is the most common action to use for navigation such as following links, submitting forms, etc. It can be used when the robot should perform the same action as the browser when clicking on something. Depending on the found tag, the Click action will perform the necesssary page loading, form submissions, JavaScript execution, etc.

To emulate a mouse movement instead of a click, use the Move Mouse To and Move Mouse From actions.


The Click action can be configured using the following properties:

Specify whether to emulate a double-click or a single click.
Specify whether to emulate a right-click or a left click.
When set to Automatic, the browser will select relevant coordinates to click. Alternatively, you can specify exactly which coordinates to click. These are specified in pixels relative to the upper left of the component (e.g. image or button) clicked.
The robot's options can be overridden with the step's own options. An option that is marked with an asterisk in the Options Dialog will override the one from the robot's configuration. All other options will be the same as specified for the robot.