Convert Variables

This action converts the values of one or more variables by running them through data converters and storing the results in the same or other variables. The Convert Variables action is used to convert values extracted from a particular web site to the values required in the variable(s) to return. It is also used for converting values in an input variable to the values used on a particular web site.

For every variable that should be converted, a conversion to the list of conversions should be added. Each conversion takes the value of a selected variable, passes it through the selected data converters, and writes the result in another (or the same) selected variable.

The two selected variables can be the same variable, or different variables, depending on where the converted variable value should be stored. A variable value can simply be copied from one variable to another by not selecting any data converters in the conversion.


The Convert Variables can be configured using the following properties:

Specify the list of conversions to use.

Conversion Properties

Each conversion can be configured using the following properties:

Specify the variable holding the value to convert.
Specify the list of data converters to apply to the variable value. This list may be empty, e.g. if the value of one variable should merely be copied to another variable.
Specify the variable in which to store the result of the conversion. This may be the same variable as specified in the "From" property or a different variable.


Following is a video giving an introduction to the Data Converter List and how to perform specific conversions.