Create Page

The Create Page action creates a new page which replaces the old page in the current window. The page is processed similarly to what takes place in the Load Page step action. This also entails that any JavaScript present in the HTML of the new page will be executed, unless JavaScript execution is disabled in the options. The Create Page action may also be used to load non-HTML pages, e.g. XML documents.


The Create Page action can be configured using the following properties:

The content of the new page can be specified in several ways using a Value Selector. It is for instance possible to acquire the contents from a variable, be it a variable with text or even binary content. The type of the content (e.g. HTML) will be detected automatically. If the automatic detection is insufficient or if the content should be loaded differently (e.g. to load an HTML document as plain text), you can override the content type detection in the options.
Page URL:
Here, you specify the page URL of the new page. This is, among other things, used to resolve any relative links or resource references in the page. This can be specified in several ways using a Value Selector.
The robot's options should be overridden with the step's own options. An option that is marked with an asterisk in the Options Dialog will override the one from the robot's configuration. All other options will be the same as specified for the robot.