Enter Text

This action enters a text in a found tag, which must be either a text field, a text area, a password field, a file field, a hidden field, or a tag whose content is editable.

To enter a fixed password in a password field, consider using the Enter Password action instead in order to prevent the password from being visible to the user in Design Studio and in saved robot files.

Note that entering the text may trigger execution of JavaScript if there are any registered event handlers on the field or tag.


The Enter Text action can be configured using the following properties:

Text to Enter:
Specify the text to enter. The value can be specified in several ways using a Value Selector.
Obtain focus by:
Indicates how you want the robot to set focus to the selected tag.
Select all text before typing:
Indicates if the existing text should be selected before entering the text.
The robot's options can be overridden with the step's own options. An option that is marked with an asterisk in the Options Dialog will override the one from the robot's configuration. All other options will be the same as specified for the robot.