Execute Command Line

This action executes a command line (external program)


The Execute Command Line can be configured with the following options

Command Line:
The command line to execute. The value is configured using a Value Selector
On Windows the command line is used as an argument to "cmd.exe /C". On other platforms the command line is used as an argument to "/bin/sh -c"
If the program writes text to the console, the extraction of the text is configured here, the options are If the program writes non-ASCII characters to the console, you can specify the encoding used to read the text. On western European Windows versions the console will most likely uses cp858 also known as "Latin-1, MS-dos, with Euro". Other platforms will most likely have to use utf-8 for encoding to read console text, but this is environment specific.
Store Exit Code Here:
Specifies the variable the exit code will be stored in. When a program is done executing it returns an exit code, specifying the status of the execution. 0 means success, other values indicate some kind of error, but the meaning of the error is program specific (although there is some consensus in the area, fx. a value of 2 usually means File not found). If no variable is specified, the exit code will be discarded.
Execute in Design Mode:
If this is enabled, the action will be executed even in Design Mode inside Design Studio. If this is disabled, the action will do nothing when you navigate the robot in Design Mode.

NOTE: The program inherits the working directory and environments from Design Studio
NOTE: The step has no timeout, and will wait until the external program completes