Execute SQL

The Execute SQL action submits an SQL statement to a database and optionally stores the number of affected rows in a variable. Any other results returned by the database are ignored. In other words, this action is intended for SQL insert, update, and delete statements, but can also be used to invoke stored procedures and the like. The SQL is specified using an expression.

Note that the SQL is not executed during execution in Design mode in Design Studio.


The Execute SQL action can be configured using the following properties:

Choose which database this action should submit its query to by using the drop-down list of databases available to Design Studio.
This field must contain a valid SQL statement in the form of an expression. The value of this expression is submitted to the chosen database.
Modified Rows:
Choose a text or integer variable in which to store the number of rows affected by the SQL statement. This is optional.
Execute in Design Mode:
If this is enabled, the step will be executed even in Design Mode inside Design Studio. If this is disabled, the step will do nothing when navigating the robot in Design Mode.