Extract Path

The Extract Path step action extracts the absolute path of the element found by the finder on the step. Path in this respect is to be thought of in a very general sense. In HTML and XML it is a tag path, e.g. html.body.div.text, in Excel it is a range, e.g. Sheet1!A5:B7 and in JSON it is the path used in JSON finders, e.g. @top:.a[5].b. The path extracted is always an absolute path, i.e. not relative to a named tag, range etc. and without any wildcard (*) symbols. It is the kind of paths you see in the target views at the bottom of the Page Views, e.g. the Tag Path View in HTML/XML or the Cell Range View in Excel.

The extracted path may be used in the Finders of other steps in the Path property by referring to the variable containing the path.


The Extract Path action is configured using the following properties:

Specifies the variable in which to store the extracted path.