Extract Screenshot

This action extracts the whole page, or a part of it, as an image and saves it to a variable.

The tag finder specifies which area to extract. Use the tag path * to extract the whole page.


The Extract Screenshot action can be configured using the following properties:

Padding for the extraction are as follows. Note that positive values make the area larger, negative values make it smaller. The value can be specified in several ways using a Value Selector.
Left (px):
Extra left margin (in pixels). May be negative.
Top (px):
Extra top margin (in pixels). May be negative.
Right (px):
Extra right margin (in pixels). May be negative.
Bottom (px):
Extra bottom margin (in pixels). May be negative.
The variable to assign the value to. It must may an image or binary variable.
Image Format:
The format of the image. The possible values are PNG, JPG, BMP and GIF.
Load Images:
Loads all images on page, if not already performed by the Load Page step (or similar).
Timeout (ms):
Timeout (in milliseconds) to use when loading images.