Find In Database

Find a value of complex type which was previously stored in a database. If the value is not found an error is generated; if the value is found it will be loaded. The database connection must be configured in Settings.


Find in Database can be configured using the following properties

The database in which to find the value.
A value can either be selected or hard coded at design time, or the database name can be dynamically constructed at runtime using a variable, an expression or converters - An error will occur if no database with this name exists when the robot is executed.
Select the variable to load the found value into.
If any storable attribute has been added to its type since the value was stored, the value can not be loaded by using Find in Database.
The variable must be of a regular complex type and not a specialized Database Output Types that existed prior to 7.2.
The unique key for the value to find. This must be the key used when the value was stored.
The key may have been defined in the type as "Part of Database Key", or it is can be defined using a variable, an expression or converters.
If a value with the given key exists, the value will be loaded from the database into the variable. If no value was stored with the given key an error is generated; this error may be handled like any other error.
Only Override Empty Attributes:
If this option is enabled, only empty attributes will be overridden with values loaded from the database. This provides the possibility to extract data before using Find in Database, and not have the extracted attribute values overridden.