Group Step

The Group Step is designed to contain other steps which can then be hidden by collapsing the group step into a single step and it is a convenient way to structure your robot. Grouping steps inside Group steps has no effect on the execution of a robot.

Group steps contain an expand/collapse icon (+/-) located at the top left corner. Clicking on this will expand/collapse the group step. When the group step is collapsed it will look similar to an ordinary step and all the steps inside will be hidden. When the group step is expanded its contained steps will be visible and have a layout that will resemble what you would see if these were not grouped. Group steps may also be expanded or collapsed by using the Expand All / Collapse All buttons on the Toolbar which will perform these actions on all group steps in the robot, or by the Expand Groups / Collapse Groups which will perform these actions on all groups in the selection.

Steps are grouped (create a new group step containing the steps) by selecting the steps to group and using the Group action found in the Toolbar, the Edit menu or in the popup menu on steps. Only steps that form a subgraph may be grouped. This means that all steps must be directly connected to another step in the selection. There can only be one connection entering the selection (coming from a step outside the selection). All connections leaving the selection leading to steps outside the selection will be connected to the end of the group.

Steps are un-grouped (remove the group step, but keeping the grouped steps) by selecting the group steps to un-group and using the Ungroup action found in the Toolbar, the Edit menu or in the popup menu on steps.

At the beginning and end of the group step (when the group is expanded) a triangular marker can be noticed. This marks the entry and exit of the group step and if a right click is performed on one of these markers it will be possible to perform a selection of actions on the group step using the popup menu that appears, e.g. insert a branch at the start of the group.