Make Snapshot

The Make Snapshot step action takes the page located in the current window and stores it in the file system, including any style sheets and images necessary to display the page as it was at the time when the snapshot was made. No JavaScript or server interaction is necessary to view the page at a later time - even if the content was dynamically generated.

Related Step Actions

For downloading a large number of interlinked pages, reuse shared resources and preserve links between the offline snapshots, consider using the Rewrite Page step action. Robots using the Rewrite Page step action need an external controller application to feed it URLs of pages and resources to download.

NOTE: Execution of this step is controlled by the license key.


The Make Snapshot step action can be configured using the following properties:

Output Folder:
The folder in which to output the snapshot. The main page (corresponding to the document in the current window) will be outputted in a file named index.html, unless the main page is an XML document, in which case the page will be outputted in a file named index.xml.
Download Resources:
When enabled, images and other resources that have not already been loaded by the previous step actions will be downloaded and saved as part of the snapshot.
The robot's options can be overridden with the step's own options. An option that is marked with an asterisk in the Options Dialog will override the one from the robot's configuration. All other options will be the same as specified for the robot.