Open Variable

This action opens a variable attribute - or a variable of simple type - in the view, making it possible to manipulate it through here. This provides a way to visually adjust the contents of variables, making it easier to, for instance, form the precise content required for a web service parameter.

The step action only works on XML, JSON or Excel variables.


The Open Variable action can be configured using the following property:

This property specifies which variable to open. The variable must be of type XML, JSON or Excel to be loaded in this way. Note, that pre-9.3 robots use a now deprecated XML attribute type, so these will have to be upgraded to the new XML type in order to be opened. For variables of simple type, this is done by editing the variable and selecting the new XML type. For variables of complex types, the relevant .type file must be changed to use the new XML attribute type instead of the old.